Feldversuch eHighway Schleswig-Holstein
Feldversuch mit elektrifizierter Autobahn

Field Test eHighway Schleswig-Holstein (FESH)

The Field Test eHighway Schleswig-Holstein (FESH) project was initiated by the government of the federal state of Schleswig-Holstein in Germany. The concept of electric roads for cargo transport will be tested in moving traffic within the project.

Ten kilometers of overhead lines will be installed in both directions along a section of the A1 motorway near Lübeck to power freight traffic. The cables will be held up by masts standing next to the road, and the electricity running through them will be used to power the electric motors of specially equipped trucks. These trucks will be equipped with so-called pantographs, mounted above the driver's cab. The electricity will be transferred through these pantographs to the trucks' electric motors. When the truck is not connected to the overhead line system, it will be powered by an alternative propulsion system. In the case of FESH: a hybrid drive.

Due to the large amount of emissions produced by heavy traffic in Germany, climate friendly solutions are necessary to reduce the impact of transportation by truck. The eHighway concept will be tested in Schleswig-Holstein to determine whether it represents a viable solution for the future. Economic, ecological and psychological aspects will be taken into account during the field test, as well as issues regarding traffic and energy. The overhead line system will be constructed and installed in 2018. A perennial on-road test is planned for between 2019 and 2022.

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